A Different Shade of Blue LP Collection

Knocked Loose      

A Different Shade of Blue LP Collection

A Different Shade of Blue LP - Royal Blue
Pop Culture LP - Swamp Green
Laugh Tracks LP - Blue/Grey/Black Twist
Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date)
Instant tracks 'Mistakes Like Fractures' and '...And Still I Wander South' (sent via email at time of purchase)

Track List:
1. Belleville
2. Trapped In The Grasp Of A Memory
3. A Serpent’s Touch (Ft. Emma Boster)
4. By The Grave
5. In The Walls
6. Guided By The Moon
7. Mistakes Like Fractures
8. Forget Your Name (Ft. Keith Buckley)
9. Road 23
10. ...And Still I Wander South
11. Denied By Fate
12. Misguided Son

Pressing Info
500 - PN Webstore Exclusive – Baby Blue/Black w/ Heavy Cyan Splatter A-Side/B-Side
1000 - PN Webstore Exclusive 2 – Highlighter Yellow w/ Heavy Red(Ish) Splatter
500 - Indie Retail (US) – Sea Blue w/ Black & Cyan Blue Twist
300 - Indie Retail (UK) – Aqua Blue in Ultra Clear
200 - HMV – Half Black/Half Royal Blue
300 - Australia – Ultra Clear w/ Heavy Sea Blue & White Splatter
500 - Euro – Cyan Blue & White Galaxy
500 - Tour - Black & Cyan Blue Pinwheel
3000 - Various – Royal Blue

Album release date is August 23rd, 2019

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